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Lesley Conner

Author and Editor


I'm a writer, social media editor and marketing leader for Apex Publications, and Managing Editor for Apex Magazine. I spend my days pestering book reviewers, proofreading, wrangling slush, doling out contracts, and chatting about books, writing, and anything else that crosses my mind on the @ApexBookCompany Twitter account. Most of my nights are spent with a good book and a glass of wine.

My alternative history horror novel, The Weight of Chains, was recently published by Sinister Grin Press.

I live in a home filled with books. Stacks of my horror novels, my husband’s old engineering/computer science textbooks, and my daughters’ picture books clamor for space on every available surface. There is never a time when someone in my home can say that they have nothing to read, because all they need to do is reach out their hand and they will find a book. And that is how I like it.

What I do