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  • The Weight of Chains
    The Weight of Chains

I’m the social media and marketing editor for Apex Publications, which means I get to spend my days reading fantastic books and gushing about them on twitter and Facebook.

I also write short stories, mostly in the horror genre, and dream of one day walking into a bookstore and buying one of my own books. My stories are currently available in books, magaiznes and webzines, with more coming soon.  When I’m not writing or working for Apex, I’m reading and taking care of my two daughters. It isn’t a glamorous life, but I love it.

I live in a home filled with books. Stacks of my horror novels, my husband’s old engineering/computer science textbooks, and my daughters’ picture books clamor for space on every available surface. There is never a time when someone in my home can say that they have nothing to read, because all they need to do is reach out their hand and they will find a book. And that is how I like it.

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